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11-11-2012, 01:28 PM
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Millypoo, Common is great but I'm assuming the OP isn't quite part of that type of crowd or looking for that experience... Common is upscale... but rather a hipsterrific mix of groups and ages (25-40, say) focusing more on quality and style of music than anything else.

To me it sounds like OP is looking for something more like Hudsons or Cook County perhaps? There's also Public House downtown as well as Social House by Grant Mac, which is only good in Fridays. If you want to take a big party/group of people there and basically have the entire bar to yourself Saturday is good too, its dead there on Saturday and the joint is rather small. There's also Shore Club on Whyte. Overtime by Whitemud Crossing, gets a lot of different, older types of people any given night...

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