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11-11-2012, 01:29 PM
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BRF, the blame on the last CBA is pretty much irrelevant going forward. But at the same time, this is something they really, really wanted. Then they say that its broken. Then they say they still want it, but it needs to change to get the smaller teams above water. They claw money back, but anyone can see that in 3-4 years the small teams are bleeding again.

Why don't the owners work towards a viable system? They are essentially making the rich teams richer and the small teams alive to fill the schedule out. The owners cooked the books before. Who's to say it is as bad as they claim. The players are saying if you want to prop up a broken system, why does it come out of our end? Why won't you even discuss new ideas? And they are still conceding despite the issues.

Blaming the players for these deals... I don't know. Sather grinds RFAs into submission. He gave one moderately back diving contract. And he has a prime contender. Owners invented the deals and gave them out to dodge cap hits. The players weren't pulling that cart, and a simple "no" to RFAs like Richards and Carter pretty much ends that issue. Where's their leverage to force the circumvention. No, thats all on Holmgren. Pronger? He negotiated years he never intended to play? Seguin was gonna go to the KHL if uberhawk Sinden didn't break the bank? On the verge of more stringent RFA/UFA rules and Sinden rushed to get Seguin's monster deal? This stuff just doesn't add up. Yeah, things need to get fixed, but to the extent owners are demanding? Back off the line already, its so over the top and that is why we are losing games. A moderate reform would address the issues, get some traction and start the season.

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