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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
If you're trying to say salary cap, yes, the NHL will never again operate without a salary cap. And the vast majority of fans AGREE with a cap.

And that's a good thing.

These spreadheets already exist for every team. How could any NHL team NOT have this info?

Competent GMs work within the CBA rules so they have cushion cap money set aside for possible UFA signings. If your team doesn't do that, ... oh well, other GMs are doing that.
I'm not talking about the salary cap. I'm talking about capping the market by saying the max a player can get is max contract length x 20% of the cap. It makes the whole thing boring. There has to be some unpredictability in the market. Bob McKenzie explains it here:

Back-diving is a huge issue for the league -- a legitimate one, too -- but using the 5 per cent variance provision it proposed (year to year salary fluctuations on a contract can't be more or less than 5 per cent) would instantly correct that situation and not cause the players' real hardship. There is, however, no desperate need for the league to have a term limit of five years if the 5 per cent variance rule is in place.

As for second contracts, the NHL proposed a potent combo of reducing the entry level phase to two years (instead of three) and delaying salary arbitration and unrestricted free agency by one year in each circumstance. That would unquestionably make it difficult for a player coming out of entry level to hit a home run on his second contract (Steven Stamkos, Drew Doughty, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle et al). But in a salary cap system, when there's a defined benefit of 50 per cent, these measures aren't likely to actually take money away from the players as much as they would simply re-allocate it. One thing the players can always count on, the owners will spend as much as they can, it's really just a matter of who gets it.

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