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11-11-2012, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Other than people like Howard and the whole D line being absolute *******.

They touched Ray once in the half. Absolutely disgusting performance. No pressure whatsoever.

Note as well when this game was in its formative stages EVERY call was going against the Eskimos. Every break as well.

But to wit a brilliant runback called back on a phantom hold. An interception off Ray called back on a phantom call. Still haven't seen definitive proof that wasn't a pick.

Those are defining moments.

Ray only established once the D had been out there too long and with Kavis Reed for some reason stringing out the decision to go with Nichols.

A coach has to understand the pulse of a game. After that huge boyd fumble, or for sure after the pick of a shovel pass you HAVE to change up the game just to give your team a lift.

A special award of ****ing incompetence goes to the complete offensive line that are giving up 7yds of scrimmage on every play and may as well not even be on the ****ing field.
are you kidding me? they're TRYING to get pressure on Ray but he's getting rid of the ball quickly....something SMART QBs do

2nd and 18 after an EE sack the Ray comes back with a 1st down...he's absolutely owning us right now

-trucking LBs and Marcus Howard for 3rd and inches
-running QB draws with 6 seconds to go
-throwing short passes to avoid sacks

look at the stats...getting the ball to his play makers...must be a nice thing to have

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