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11-11-2012, 01:49 PM
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Pokerstars has had this thing for about a year called the MicroMillions which is a series no different from WCOOP, SCOOP and the latest, TCOOP. WCOOP has a series combined prizepool of roughly $55M, SCOOP comes in second at I'd guess somewhere around $25M, I can't remember. TCOOP being new, had somewhere around $16M. I estimated on the last two. MicroMillions is with all super low buy-ins from $X to a maximum of $22 and has 100 tournaments altogether. My new fiscal year starts soon so I made it the start date of McML for fun. Starting with the micros and getting some positive vibes and momentum and hopefully go deep in a few and win some spending cash for NY All the buy ins combined for the tournaments I'm playing adds up to $100 or so and the goal is a neat $10,000. Hopefully more if I can win one here and there. The fields are massive though but it'll be pure fun in a bottle. Donating half the proceeds to animal shelters

For the dogs.

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