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11-11-2012, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Do you honestly not see a difference in the respective offensive lines performance, Or the defensive pressure. ffs Joseph is watching somebody come CLEAN on a play, no time to react, shovels a pass to two other Argos that are somehow in the Eskimos backfield. Theres 3 argos in the Eskimos backfield on nearly every play. We've had multiple runs of -5yds. We're getting tossed around like ragdolls on the line. Men against *******. An absolute embarassment from the esks lines in this game. Not even giving your club a chance.

When Ray has to contend with this type of pressure Ray often folds. Joseph has been slammed to the turf several times already. Eskimos have touched Ray ONCE in the entire half. Once.
so you're giving a pass to Joseph cause of his bad offensive line but not to Ray with the same crappy OL last year? your Ray hate know no bounds

and you can say about ANY QB regarding's how you adjust to the pressure that makes you better...Ray has done that with quick passes, draws, quick screens etc...

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