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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
One player was playing his 6th full season in the NHL, the other, his first. One player was 29, the other, 25.

The question isn't who is better. I definitely agree, Plekanec is a better player. The guy said DD has more upside. At this point, I agree. Desharnais could very well get better. He wouldn't be the first late bloomer in the history of the game. He won't get taller, and he probably won't get much bigger. But his game is cerebral and understanding and getting acclimated to the pace of the NHL are things that he can improve.

Plus, saying that you can't win with a small, skilled player in your top-6 is beyond ridiculous.

Also, this argument that DD is bad because he has to get sheltered minutes is stupid. He was given a role and he played it well. Why would we give the easy minutes to Plekanec when clearly, he's our best defensive forward? Of course he's going to get the tough minutes and that frees up the easy minutes for someone else. Desharnais wasn't handed the role, he stepped up big time and showed he could do it. The guy is a workhorse. You don't get to the NHL at his size, all the way up from the ECHL by being lazy and lucky.
you win with St.Louis and Fleury in your top 6 not DD

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