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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I could've worded it better. My points largely centered on what the respective clubs are learning. As I've mentioned Ward has his heat playing a damn good system game. With EVERYBODY buying in. Theres not even a notion of Baertschi not buying in despite him also being a bonafide NHL player already. Frankly its disconcerting to see how much further along development has gone since players were drafted. Of course a fair view of this realizes the Oilers had multiple number 1 drafts and Calgary didn't. Yet guys like Baertshci, Horak, Olson, Street, were some of the best looking forwards in the two game set.
largely because of their system play and good responsible all round play resulting in puck strips, regaining possession and tilting the ice.

In the two game set you saw a lot of shifts where the most talented Barons on the ice are chasing the puck all shift and don't have the puck much of the shift.

This was a classic matchup(and the type that I always love) one team thats truly a team, playing its game, the other a collection of individuals trying to force plays that are low percentage and not working. Heres a thing Ward pointed out post game. In a two game set not once did the Barons score a regular strength 5 on 5 goal. The Heat didn't cede one. I like a coach paying attention to that type of detail and knowing a team played reasonably well in a loss. Conversely who could say the Barons played well on Friday? Would that performance be acceptable from Abbotsford?

Heres a lot of what I saw in the two game matchup and quite simple. One team understanding that breaking down an opponent requires team play, good breakouts, good puck support at all times, and a lot of passing and separation and finding open ice to create scoring chances. its a let the puck do the work approach and play the game smart. When in doubt, don't force a play, just move it to the next open man and await the inevitable chance, which were coming in droves as the Barons were broken down like rented mules rarely picking up trailer, backdoor etc. Just not even looking for it. More like expecting Danis to bail them out at close range everytime.

Next, What you see a lot of with the Barons is no respect whatsoever for puck retension, for puck control. Instead a selfish game played as individuals expecting that one magic pass is going to produce something. Individuals that require a buttkicking like what happened on Friday to establish even a momentary notion that they need to buy into something different. So the Barons had better focus on Saturday, but still giving the puck away in droves and in own zone and still giving up countless monumental scoring chances to the Heat.

Danis stole the show. Heres another thing thats not subtle at all and illustrates my point about Nelson stressing win vs development. Instead of playing our developing young goalies regularly he's going almost exclusively with Danis who is there to hold the fort while players make countless mistakes in front of him. With Roy rarely seeing action the whole time he's been there.
Nelson basically warehousing Roy for the sake of giving Danis lots of action to no end result.
With the only result being Nelsons own resume and Wins/Loss record. Which is clearly more important to him than giving Roy the ample action he needs for his development.
Olson and Street are 25 years old, the only forwards that we had playing in these 2 games that were that old were Vande Velde, House, and Byers. Do you really think that a guy like Josh Green wouldn't have helped our cause?

You mention Baertschi buying in, well he isn't an established NHLer yet, neither is Schultz, no big surprise that the two most talented guys that aren't NHLers have played hard and well all season long (Sven and Schultz). If our team plays with the same intensity level that they did last night it will be very hard to beat them. You also mention all of the Heats chances but don't mention ours, RNH in the slot, Hall on the side of the net, etc.

Then you talk about puck retention, did you not see the Lander line who kept the Heat pinned in their zone for most shifts?

Lastly for Danis/Roy, Danis is the reigning AHL goalie of the year and this was a very hostile environment against a really good AHL team, the win yesterday spoke for itself. Roy will be playing soon enough.

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