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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
... I just think if thats the case the NHL won't be as hard on Jamison as they were on ASG. Thats all.

However, we can actually now say we have real deadlines. We can either call 12/11 (the last scheduled meeting) or 1/7 (the last day the current council is in office) as the real deadlines.
... first part, I agree. Reports during the time of the sale & subsequently confirmed by Chipman indicated there were some serious enmities goin down, Bettman having nothing but disdain for Levenson, seriously wanting to "punish" ASG. TNSE as we know had budgeted $170M "all-in" for the Coyotes, the NHL holding them to that amount, claiming thats what Winnipeg was worth (and Im not about to get into an argument over whether it was/is/will be or not).

The reported figure of $60M in Relocation Fee's may actually not be correct, it might actually be a lot more, ASG receiving $80M according to some sources, everyone signed to non-disclosures, the "announced" sale price of $110M & $60M in Relo Fee's a complete fabrication. A conspiracy to artificially inflate average franchise values. There was no Relo Fee when Minnesota moved to Dallas, Quebec City to Colorado, the Jets01 to Phoenix, Hartford to Raleigh. The price of Phoenix is what it is because of what the league was forced to pay & continues to spend. Is a franchise in Seattle or Quebec "worth" $170-$200M? If someones willing to pay it, then yes, it would be. Does that mean its "reality, market-value"? Perhaps, though how does one then compare those prices to St.Louis, Dallas, Tampa & minority stakes in Raleigh, Minnesota etc? Its all over the map.

As for the second part, "Deadlines", forgetaboutit aqib. The incoming Mayor & Council will want some time to study the matter, possibly conduct a full audit, take apart the existing agreement provided of course the seated outgoing members dont try & force a vote on 11/27. Start from square one, who knows, but this is far from over by a longshot with those dates.

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