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Originally Posted by Canon1990 View Post
Just got this but I have a question.

I was about an hour in and I came across a boss, dude was shooting cannons at me, his brother also tried to attack me but he was weak. Anyway i beat them and went down a bit and saw a Auto Save thing, i figured oh good I can quit now, my stuff is saved.

I start it up yesterday and while everything I did and collected was done, my guy started all the way back at one of the base camps. I had to travel, and kill every single guy again, including that boss. Now i'm worried every time I quit that my guy is going to start an hour back from where I thought it saved. Any suggestions?
Nope, it saves when the icon appears on screen. It's just that reloading the save reloads the level - thereby reviving everything you killed. It also will reset your spawn point to the nearest teleporter and not the save point you last reached so keep that in mind when doing certain missions. That said, all the money,guns,items ect.. do get saved.

Also, those two guys you described killing are super easy way to get early xp and grenade mods. You can snipe them from the other side of the bridge with little effort.

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