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11-11-2012, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Exit Dose View Post
1. I said nothing about it being market value or not.

2. FFS, are you actually trying to dictate what I saw as the standout in the games that I witnessed?

Lehner is good, but Stone impressed me more than he, Z, or Silfverberg did.
1. The first part of my post wasn't directed at you specifically. Just that like how Sens fans don't want to move Stone, Pens fans don't want to deal Despres. But in reality, the two have pretty similar value even though they play drastically different roles. But like always, each side is going to value the commodity they know and are familiar with more, which is why I said neither fanbase would be on board.

2. I'm not trying to tell you what you saw. Be pleased as punch with how Stone has played in his handful of AHL games so far. And yeah...of all the high profile offensive prospects that Bingo has added this season I think you have a strong case to argue Stone has been the best so far. But Lehner is undoubtably that team's MVP so far this year, he's cementing himself as one of the best, if not the best, goalie prospects in hockey. I wasn't putting words in your mouth or knocking your opinion of Stone ya dope, I was crediting Lehner's strong play this year. Either that or learn to pluralize the word "standout".

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