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11-11-2012, 02:51 PM
Kyle McMahon
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Despite the horrible, horrible call to start Joseph, who knows how things may have gone if:

A) Charles doesn't get benched after shredding the Argos on the first drive

B) Some moron doesn't take a needless penalty to take back Burnett's return

C) Boyd doesn't fumble to hand a free 7 to Toronto/Burnett's pick stands and Toronto doesn't get 7 there.

D) We don't let Owens catch a punt on the fly at midfield, another free 7 for Toronto.

E) Marcus Henry doesn't drop a TD.

F) Nichols doesn't have his career ended just when we start showing signs of life.

G) The defense could make a ****ing tackle after the 1st quarter.

Joseph couldn't possibly have been worse, and STILL we should have had this game well in hand in the 2nd quarter if not for shooting ourselves in the foot over and over and over.

This is the worst loss in franchise history IMO. The day Maciocia was made head coach in 2004 will still be the worst day in franchise history, but this game is right up there with it. Disgraceful and embarrassing on so many levels.

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