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11-11-2012, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
I agree NHL won't be as hard on Jamison as they were on ASG. But...Trashers went for $170M (split between ASG 110 and NHL 60). Tho, if Jamison buys the team today for rumored price of $170M and in 5 years most the team needs to move from Glendale because whatever the reason...How certain are you Jamison will get anything more than $170M as offer from Peladeau/Hansen ?

That's why I am saying Jamison won't be able to cash in any profits.
What the point of buying this mess if you can't flip it for a quick profit anyway? Off course he could be conning some rubes on behalf of the NHL. Buy the team with as little of his own money as possible by fooling some suckers to pick up the main tab and dissapear asap. If the Yotes are back in bankrupcy court in 2018 that won't be Gary Bettman or Greg Jamison problem.

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