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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
Well today is the day after you posted this. I could see how you would think Hamilton is a better market currently today, even tommorow as you mentioned. But in the future when Kitchener has an NHL arena (One that doesn't require so much in upgrades that it would almost be a new arena cost wise), it will absolutely be a better place.
Definitely. And if you look at the state of their respective economies, it makes the case for K-W even better. It's not just about the population numbers, people need to have jobs and well-paying jobs.

Yeah, K-W took a bit of a hit with RIM issue, but other companies have been more than willing to leverage the engineers, math majors, comp sci. majors, etc. of the University of Waterloo. Google opened one of its largest (I think the largest) office outside of the US in the K-W area. There are tons of start-ups (RIM itself was a UW start-up) in the area. Technology campuses, etc.

You've got the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, and Conestoga College. Then you have RIM, Google and a slew of other tech companies.

I think K-W is just a great place overall. Waterloo has the transient student population, Kitchener is the more urban center, and Cambridge is the more blue collar working class area. It makes for a pretty great environment for everyone.

To say that I'm "woefully" uninformed is a bit much. And if you don't trust the Government of Ontario's population projections and what not, there are other sources that back it up, too -- including municipal sources from both towns.

Hamilton is well-positioned to turn things around because of its proximity to Toronto. It needs to integrate better, and I think the province is using Metrolinx to further that objective.

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