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11-11-2012, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
The year before last was his career season so far. To be perfectly honest, that seems to be more of an exception then last year. Toronto pick him up from Atlanta, who deemed him absolutely expendable. For that matter, Buffalo too. He topped 31 points as his highest total before coming to Toronto.

If he were to come to Vancouver, how ever that may be, he's still in direct competiton with Burrows, Daniel and Booth, whom I don't think he will unseat, and Kassian, Higgins, Raymond and possibly Hansen for a second line winger spot with Kesler and Booth. Higgins has the chemistry with the other two, so in most of our eyes, the spot is his to lose to Mac or the other three. The point I want to make is that he would have to earn the remaining top six spot against 4 other players who's career numbers look a lot like Mac's did prior to, what I hope for his and Toronto's sake is, his break out year.

There is also concern he may not make the Leafs top six with JVR being added, with Kessel, Bozak, Lupul, Kulemin, Grabovski and JVR, according to some, taking the top six positions in Toronto.

And if we're basing a style of play as reason for him to get the spot above the others, he is advertised as a playmaker by most Leafs fans, his career goals to assists ration is 85:108. Meaning with out the 20 assists extra he put up the year before last, it would almost be even. That isn't a playmakers kind of ratio. That's not me knocking his skill, just I don't think he'd be a guarenteed improvement over what we could have already.

Anyway, he's not guarenteed a spot, so saying he absolutely wouldn't make the Canucks top six might be over the top, but we don't want another "maybe", and if it isn't for sure, or even more then likely, we're not calling him a top six winger on our team.
I can't speak for Macarthur before he came to the Leafs, because he wasn't really a played I paid that much attention to, but just looking at the stats in the year he was traded (which by the way, he recorded more than 31 points), he was the 5th highest scoring forward on Atlanta with the 9th most ice time per game among forwards.
Regardless, I'm not sure why people seem to think a change of scenery and a chance at a top 6 role can't revitalize a guy's career (even excluding 2010-2011, he had 8 more points in 8 less games than his previous career high in 2011-2012, and this is with a completely snakebitten linemate shooting 6.5%), and I can assure you despite whatever his stats before coming to Toronto may say, the 'new' Macarthur is a passer. If you don't want him, fine, but I'm not sure who you guys are expecting when you say you want a playmaking winger as a part of the Luongo trade if you're so sure Macarhthur isn't good enough. It is a fact that Macarthur has more assists in a single season than any Canucks winger not named Sedin, by a good margin too, if you don't think he'd make the Canucks top 6 that is fine, but don't be so quick to dismiss him.

And don't take this the wrong way, as OBVIOUSLY the Canucks top 6 is much better than the Leafs, but if you're looking at that 4th winger for Vancouver's top 6, the Leafs just have better options, with 2 of Kulemin, JVR, Macarthur, and possibly Kadri and Frattin playing on the wing for our second line. So saying he might not make the Leafs top 6 does not mean he would automatically not make Vancouver's.

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