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11-11-2012, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to comment on his play or skill level, just that from what I've seen through his play in Atlanta and Buffalo, he seemed more of a skilled bottom six guy, someone that was set up by playmakers rather then doing the passing himself. If he's changed, excellent, watching a player in a new role is exciting, but in the Leafs games I did catch last year, I didn't see it. You're knowledge of him would out weigh mine, I mean the Leafs aren't the team I try to catch all 82 games for, but the last two years vs. my impressions before that is what I was trying to compare (not the point totals, but the goals vs. assists compared to the games I saw of him).

And I agree that being out of the Leafs top six doesn't automatically discount him from ours, but it's hard to call him a top six forward if he's lost his position to someone else (sorry, if it's not obvious, it's a dig at the Luongo thread).

My point on him not being a bonafide top six player on this team stands though, as he is, at best, a slight improvement on options already available to us. I'm not saying I don't want him, I'm not saying he isn't top 6 material, I'm not saying he's not talented or not valuable to the Leafs, but he isn't as valuable to the Canucks. I'd like him on this team, but not as the, or one of the, centerpieces in a trade where we move a star player.
These are all fair points and I appreciate your maturity, I just wanted to clear up what seemed to be some misconceptions by other posters. I certainly think the Leafs would have to add another significant piece+ for Luongo, I just wanted to make sure you guys understood that Macarthur could potentially actually be useful for the Canucks. I also think Kulemin would look great playing with Kesler, I just question the logic in trading him after such a terrible season.

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