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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
I don't think new council does a deal at all. I think the new mayor ran on an anti-subsidy platform as did the the guy who beat Clark. sure politicians backtrack all the time but you can't reverse yourself on a major campaign issue within the first few months in office. The council meeting on 11/27 will be really entertaining.
... I think they'll "try" and do a deal aqib, though it certainly wont be one anywhere near whats been offered up by the outgoing & the completely gonzo'd Ed Beasley. Maybe offer Jamison $6M in AMF's with incentives and an out. Whatever. Something reasonable, that they can actually cover, fair market-value (though even $6M up-front is generous by a Country Mile but still...). But really, does it even matter? Greg Jamison has yet to prove he's for real. Why would you even enter into negotiations with him until he reveals who the money guys are? I sure wouldnt. Show me your bona-fides'.... and ya, the final Council Meetings promise much by way of pyrotechnics. 4th of July comes early to Glendale on November 27th.

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