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11-11-2012, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
I doubt it... when has the NHL ever helped the KHL?
In between the end of the transfer agreement and start of MOU between Russia and NHL there was a mass exodus of top end talent to NA...since the MOU there has been a trickle of talent, but there have been few fights regarding contracts (Prokhorkin is the one example as vorky pointed out, but I have yet to see any confirmed resolution to that one, jury still out) and many more players (like Tarasenko, Kuznetsov, etc) have stayed in Russia longer.

Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
My main beef is with the owners: they were willing to cancel a whole season, got just about everything they wanted... subsequently increased revenues since then... and most of the teams still can't make money.

Find a multi-billion $ business that has cost certainty tied to revenues in almost the exact manner they want... increases revenues substantially for several years... and has difficulty turning a profit. If you could find such an entity, I doubt the management stayed intact for ~20 years.

The owners need to get serious about settling this thing soon. Once this season is gone the NHL marginalizes itself as being on par with lacrosse and women's golf. Once the 2014 Olympics have been played, it's possible some Russians say "later dudes" and go back to the KHL for good. Probably make more money, play a funner style of hockey (not dump and chase... or duck and cover), shorter schedule, home country, and no lost season every 5-10 years. No worries though, as long as Crosby is around for 30 games/season, the NHL should have plenty of star power.

I think it's really between the big market teams (just how much they're willing to give to smaller teams) and the big star players (the lesser players know they drive the game and salaries). Maybe it'll take the NHL losing some stars and some of its marginal teams before sh** gets real enough to actually resolve the situation.
I get that you are upset about the lockout, we all are, but to unilaterally blame one side or the other is ridiculous, IMO. The players have chosen this course of action just as much as the owners. If these players who are playing overseas during the lockout are so upset maybe they should be back here in NA rallying players to get a deal done?

Also, this whole "owners got everything the wanted" is just not true, IMO. Yes they got the linkage and hard cap they wanted, but lost bigtime on UFA, RFA rights, high minimum contract, high floor, increasing % based on revenues, etc. It's a classic case of winning the battle, losing the war. And again, the OWNERS did not cancel the season...a labour strife cancelled the season, NEITHER side could agree to a deal last time, same as this time.

We are all frusterated, but picking one side or the other and putting all blame on them is just short sighted, IMO. Dramatics about NHL being marginalized to sports where the players work "real" jobs and their sports jobs are just weekends and free time (ie Lacrosse) is over the top exaggeration, we are still talking a 3.3 BILLION a year sport. Perhaps the NHL does lose some players in coming years to the KHL, like you said, more money, coming home, a more familiar style of play, etc, but I certainly doubt occasional labour problems with the option of playing in the league you would be going to anyways makes a huge difference. And it WON'T be guys like Ovechkin or Kovalchuk who are locked into contracts for a long long time...

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