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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
The arena is at what, 1600 m? That's really not that high. I've done plenty of hiking trips at fairly high altitudes, including a number of hikes in Peru and Bolivia at 4000-5000 m, and in my opinion I don't start to feel short of breath more quickly than normal until around 2000-2500 m. Even then we're talking about very slight differences, the real "hey, why am I getting winded so quickly" stuff starts hitting me more at more like 3000 m. At 1600 m the effect is probably barely noticeable at all for NHLers.
Bolivia is famous for being the (relative) strongest soccer national team in the world on home soil home/away win ratio due to their arena being up in the mountains. Away players lose breath while home players have practiced in these conditions and got adjusted to the thin air. This fact is widely spread in cross-country skiing where athletes camp in these kind of conditions..

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