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11-11-2012, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
They in no way circumvent the cap - in letter or spirit!

Only if the players retire. And that isnt the way it usually works that players are looking forward for the first possible opportunity to retire and they have to be dragged back to the ice by GM's and teams to finish their contracts.

What makes you think players are going to want to retire? That isnt the history or the norm. And if it doesnt happen, the teams will lose all those savings in early years when they had a window for their later years when they dont. Seems like smart management you would want to reward to me.

How many players do you think wont play the last years of their contracts and because they are the ones that dont want to? Im thinking that might be one player a year. And we can easily penalize their teams for that so they completely lose any benefit from that without any changes to contract lengths. Bettman said himself they were circumventing the cap
you got to be kidding me, how many players over 40 are in the league right now? How many contracts are there that expire after a players' 40? I doubt most of these guys are going to want to play for scraps at the end of their contracts when they are past the twilight of their careers.

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