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11-11-2012, 05:06 PM
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I HATE whining about officials. I was a hockey ref for half my life until a car accident ended it for me. But how on earth can anyone say with a straight face that game wasn't fixed and the patriots don't have the officials in their pockets? Those 2 end zone PI calls were literally both 15 feet above ground. Add that to the other 100 or so yards the bills got in penalties and it's a minor miracle the Bills covered the spread. I don't endorse coaches acting like jerks after obvious penalties (ie. Belichick after the blatant roughing the passer) but show SOME emotion Gailey. As mentioned this was just another sunday at foxbro, visiting teams need to stand up for themselves and draw attention to it.

Too bad about the final play, Fitz easily went from hero to goat on one play. Shame because he really did take charge when he needed to, you could count the number of bad plays he made on one hand but sadly the game ended on one. Not too many teams run the ball on the Patriots the way Buffalo did today and the defense held their own.

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