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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
You have to get over that belief that it scares other teams. It doesn't. It may create a bit of a tactical advantage on small NHL size rinks, but in Europe the effect is neutralized. And how did all that experience and physical mature players prevent the implosion in Buffalo? How did it help in the semi-final last year when obviously the more experienced players were not prepared to begin that game. It's a myth a myth that this is a tournament for 19 year old players. A myth that HC has been preaching for's a skill tournament..the team that has the skill will have the advantage..

And that will be my last post on how HC selects teams for the WJC. I'm sure everybody here is tired of me writing the same rant against HC for the past few months. Lets see what they do in the event a lockout is still raging.
It worked for them when they won 5 golds in a row, thats probably why they like it so much. You think if they brought some younger players that that meltdown doesnt happen last year? I doubt it because 9 times out of 10, the older players have the more mature defensive game and are more accustomed to playing in high stakes games.

As for it not scaring anyone, youve got to be kidding me. European juniors especially curl up and wilt away when the Canadians up their physical play. I know plenty of tough guys in the OHL were acared lining up with Zack Kassian in the OHL, you dont think a small European is intimidated by a guy like that? Youre dreaming if you do

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