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11-11-2012, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Bettman has everything to do with it. It's his third lockout, and everybody knew that Gary Bettman, Jeremy Jacobs, etc were planning another lockout.

It's only natural that the NHLPA would get someone good to do the job, as they were under threat.

The league could have just agreed to play this season under the old CBA. They could have also agreed to the players offer on day one, which made a generous concession of reducing player intake from 57% to 54%, equivalent to a whopping 114 million dollars a year in revenue. There was no need for Bettman to have his third work stoppage.
Considering that NHL actually tried to start negotiating last year, but it was Fehr who didn't want to, I wouldn't put all the blame on the owners. Why should the NHL be the only side to make concessions? That's not how negotiations work. Perhaps had Fehr not acted like a dick early last year and negotiations would have started earlier maybe we would have a season or at least be ahead in the negotiations. To put this all on Bettman and the owners is extremely one-sided. Both are to blame, but seeing Fehr's tactics recently, he's really not giving much reason for people to like him and it really looks like he's the one who's stalling negotiations from advancing with the games he's playing.

Right now one side is making the majority of the concessions, while the other side keeps sticking their nose at the league and causing a stalemate in negotiations. Add to that what McKenzie has pointed out that Fehr has no interest in making a deal, I really don't see how you can sit there and put all the blame on Bettman.

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