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11-11-2012, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
These are all fair points and I appreciate your maturity, I just wanted to clear up what seemed to be some misconceptions by other posters. I certainly think the Leafs would have to add another significant piece+ for Luongo, I just wanted to make sure you guys understood that Macarthur could potentially actually be useful for the Canucks. I also think Kulemin would look great playing with Kesler, I just question the logic in trading him after such a terrible season.
Maturi-what? I think that's the first time I've heard that in a Luongo thread, either about myself or our fan base

Well I do appriciate we can have a discussion and not be yelling biased slogans being repeated at each other. I think either could be great wingers for Kesler and Booth, but in all honesty, most of what either would bring are represented in the other four I mentioned.

Hansen is a tenacious forechecker and is a shifty player, Raymond is probably the only one of the potential six to keep pace with both other players all game, Kassian is big and can hit like a freight train...and both fight for net position he and Hansen, and Higgins probably has the best offensive instincts of the lot...I mean Kulemin is big, can carry the puck and can make plays and MacArthur, either as the playmaker you know or the one to finish a play I remember, would fit in just as well.

Either shouldn't be the main focus of what we're trading Luongo for however, and I feel they would be considered more of a throw in then is perhaps fair to their talents, at least as far as Canucks fans and likely our brass are concerned.

And I should mention I feel the same way about Lupul, in that he's nearly a ppg player in Toronto, but most of us see him as more of a 40-50 guy when healthy. Some players are better fits on the team they're with, and more valuable to that team then in a trade.

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