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11-11-2012, 05:35 PM
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I'll be hung for saying this but as the lockout goes on and on I think it's impossible to not dwell on, but I miss the days of Alan Eagleson at the helm. There, I said it. Yeah, yeah he was in bed with the owners, he was a crook and I don't argue he was a rotten man. But..............there was never a work stoppage under his watch. It happened right away under Goodenow - three times. Then Saskin snuck in illegally as the NHLPA head and they got rid of him only to hire Paul Kelly who is the only NHLPA leader I actually could look at without my stomach churning. Now they have Fehr who took 100 years of Baseball tradition and flushed it down the toilet and the players are nuts if they think he cares anymore about hockey. So yes.............OFF the ice the game of hockey was better in the 1980s. Much better for the fans.

On the ice?

Let's see. There are positives and there are negatives. You had Gretzky and the Oilers and before that the Islanders. Then Mario showed up. You can't ignore an NHL with a prime Mario and Gretzky. NHL was a blast then too. Political correctness hadn't crept into the game yet either. The skirts weren't as overbearing about taking fighting out of the game. Talent and the idea of outscoring the other team was more of a platform. It has been reveresed with the idea not to score goals as much as prevent them from the other team.

On the negative side, the game is faster today. Pucks are shot a bit harder. But the goaltending equipment has taken away more of the athletic saves we once saw. Fuhr, Vernon, etc. would make that kick save or that glove save with flair. They still do today, but I don't think anyone can say J-S Giguere had a "style" so to speak.

So there are two sides to it, but you know what we'll never be able to compare NHL hockey to the 1980s if the league ceases to exist as it stands now.

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