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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Didn't say dominant.

He's actually playing at a pretty high level right now but he'll have to hold it for a while.
This. I like his game right now, and if he can keep that up, i would be more than happy to see him come up and play in the NHL. He hasn't looked out of place in the 7 games he's played up here anyway.

I'm in the camp that would call him up before boro. I see borowiecki as being the better defensively, more physical player. But i see wiercioch as being better offensively, with a higher ceiling. Wiercioch has also been with binghamton for longer honing his skills. He's also played more NHL games. That combined with the fact i see our D corps in the NHL needing more help on the offensive side of things then defensive. With gonchar gone in 6 months, who is the next best offensive guy behind karlsson? Will Ceci be ready? Wiercioch fills a role. On the defensive side of things we have cowen, phillips, methot, lundin(whos probably gone soon too) with borowiecki, gryba, blood, and claesson as defensive Ds in the AHL. We have way more defense first guys then offense first guys in the entire system making wiercioch more valuable. Unless you know of corvo type Ds hitting UFA next summer that we can sign. I'd rather work wiercioch into that role this year, and ceci added the year after. With karlsson and gonchar providing the bulk of offense from the back end, we could ease wiercioch into the second pp role and 3rd pairing with not much pressure at the end of the year. then when gonchar leaves, he will have a good chunk of games of experience going into next year.

I would like to add borowiecki and blood/claesson/gryba(or whoever is a Defensive D and shows to be ready) when our defensive guys leave. One of methot,phillips,lundin will be gone in a year. that will open the spot for borowiecki. The gonchar leaving should be the spot for wiercioch. But i don't want to put him in a position where he's the number 2 goto guy offensively behind karlsson in his rookie year. Better to give him 20-30 games at the end of this year so next year it will be slightly easier to handle the pressure. Ease him into the spot in other words.

You cant bring in Borowiecki, wiercioch, and ceci all in at the same time and expect to succeed. I wouldn't want more then 1 rookie d per year ideally. Bring up wiercioch this year, borowiecki next year, and ceci the year after, giving him one year of AHL.

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