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11-11-2012, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Icelevel View Post
1. would you go if it was called Darcy's and was owned by darcy tucker? or i don't know, someone more recent like colton orr?
(just curious. I'm trying to figure out where the line is.(

2. would you expect to see chris phillips or alfredsson at this mlse bar? why/why not?
If Tucker opened up shop in Ottawa he'd be stupid. If it was in Toronto and I was going there with people, I wouldn't be the ass hole saying he can't go in because he's a Sens fan.

I doubt you'll see either of those guys just like you're unlikely to see them in any bar in the market. Could I see the younger guys ending up there at some point? Probably. But it won't be like with the Leafs where they are probably encouraged to go.

Who cares, really. It's a bar, and we already know the cash doesn't help TML.

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