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11-11-2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
That's incorrect. There is more than one major problem with this league. Recognize that. The league is focusing on the wrong issues.

Player contracts beyond prevent cap circumvention are completely irrelevant vs. revenue sharing and fixing small market teams.

The league should be focusing on Make Whole and revenue sharing and cap circumvention.

The NHL wasted everyone's time. The NHLPA is playing hardball. For me, understandably. I don't want to be back here in 7 years when the NHL realizes they still haven't fixed their league.
And the PA has done nothing to help better the league. They can't... because the only real solution that will fix this long term means them taking a major hit on their share of HRR (median vs average revenue for HRR). The PA has a chance to mitigate their losses, however that means they actually have to start negotiating... something they haven't done to date. They really have no one to blame but themselves, and when this is eventually all said and done, will still come out as the losers due to the money they've already lost and will never recover.

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