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11-11-2012, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
You wanna induct a man who has built up his fame by demonstrating somewhat extreme nationalism over and over again? And in many cases going way over the top.

Sorry, Hockey Hall Of Fame is a wrong place for such guy. We are not talking about some Canada Hall of Fame here. His impact outside of Canada is highly questionable and probably not very positive.
He is clearly blackballed and I think he knows it and probably shrugs it off too. The monumental impact he has had on Canada should outstrip any lack of impact he's had in another country. When they voted for who was the greatest Canadian of all-time Cherry finished 7th in 2005. This included politicians, celebrities, etc. I am pretty sure even John Madden wouldn't get that close in the States. It is amazing how much a sports analyst has impacted not only Canadians but the game.

I suspect he'll never get in because he is loved and loathed at the same time. Objectively not being liked is the only way he would be left out.

Originally Posted by MS View Post
I suspect the problem for Shero is that he was indeed a very successful builder who had a substantial impact on the sport ... but in an negative way. Dragged the sport and its reputation into the gutter.

I'm not sure what to do with him, really, and I suspect the HHOF voting committee isn't, either. It's very difficult to reconcile the success he had vs. the disgusting way he achieved that success.
They need to get over it really. The Flyers were a rugged team but you don't win hockey just by being a bully. They had Clarke, Parent and Barber as HHOFers. Leach and MacLeish were at least playing at a HHOF level at that time. They had talent and they combined that with brute intimidation where they ran the NHL for three years and then were still feared afterwards. Their style beat the Russians in 1976. A myth would suggest they bullied their way to a victory but you don't win 4-1 and outshoot your opponent (it was something like 49-20 if I recall) without talent.

Other teams have tried it but no other team has actually won with that type of method (lots of talent coupled with lots of toughness/enforcers) until Anaheim did it in 2007. And even then it was short lived. Shero built an empire.

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