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11-11-2012, 05:50 PM
Nalens Oga
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^ Giggy doesn't but there are some pretty fun goalies to watch now like I enjoy Varlamov a lot more than Giguere and Quick's a fun goalie to watch. Even mediocre ones like Bobrovsky can make those amazing saves.

I agree that one of the good things with Eagelson was that he helped usher in this new age of high paid stars (and stole from them) but he did help make the NHL more prestigious especially to European players and in turn Europe.

One thing I like about the 90s is that the game visually started to look like what it has in the past decade around 93 or 94 if you watch a TV broadcast. Obviously things like equipment as well and none of that broadcast stuff relates to the on-ice product but it did create an improvement along with improved media coverage of the game.

Now in 2012 I think we have a new oppurtunity assuming the NHL gets some rules and marketing right and the on-ice product isn't bad because now you have social media obviously but you also have internet streaming. Streams were around 6-8 yrs ago too but not in the same quality and people didn't usually have the same internet speeds to view them. You also didn't have youtube till around '05 or 06 so people couldn't follow in game highlights or fights or hits in the same way or even historic vids.

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