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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... actually, you do M4B. Apparently that, along with a suit, sporting a pair loafers was precisely what D.B. was last seen wearing before locking the flight crew in the cockpit, remotely adjusted the flaps to 15 degrees, lowered the aft staircase and stepped into eternity with two hundred grand shoved down his BDY's. Never mind that the 727 was travelling at over 600mph, triple the speed of a normal jump; never mind that he was doing it in pitch black night with a 200mph headwind and -70 temperatures. And of course, it was raining. Good trenchcoat and a pair of loafers? Good to go Buddy. Pretty sure Ed Beasleys' cut from the same canvas, or nylon, or whatever. Maybe Ed's into Hang Gliding? Free jumping? Sure is beginning to look a lot like it. Extreme sports enthusiasts n' all.
I thought it was 2 chutes. One for him and one for the $$. Which somehow seems fitting here, because I think that the money is all going to end up somewhere where no one can get to it....

If CoG gives it to JIG, it still goes down the drain.....

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