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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
At the end of this cba or in 5 or 6 years, HRR will be $5 billion and the players share $2.5 billion. What is it they are going to have not gotten right, forcing the league next time to lock players out to fix again? Is it possible that the revenue sharing the league is saying isnt now a problem or an issue, will suddenly become an issue, and one that no one could have reasonably been expected to forsee? Will half the teams be losing money again?
Unless RS is drastically increased, or the split going even lower, more than likely the league will still be in trouble based on the system in place (using average revenue, vs median revenue). However the NHL doesn't really have too many choices in this regard. They tried to adjust HRR and the PA flipped... even when you considered that the deductions they were looking for were pretty reasonable. There's absolutely no chance the PA would allow the league to go to median*30 to determine HRR, as it would mean a few hundred million less in the HRR pot (and that would increase yearly).

So while no one in the NHL is suggesting this (median)... it's not really surprising as there's zero chance the PA would agree to it. But other than going back to the precap days, or increasing RS by 6-7 times what it is now (NHL proposed ~6.5%), it's one of the truly sustainable systems out there. And one that I think would bring about the most stability in the NHL.

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