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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
I try, but French-speakers speak way too fast!

All the words that basically blend into one don't help either.

I intend to try and "immense" myself in the language at some point, right now though I don't have the time or the money to travel to France or Quebec.
Well find the spots where French people hang out in Sweden and make friends with them. The dream scenario is to find a French girl who also speaks some Swedish or English. Just listening to tapes or watching TV can only help you so much as the key is to practice every day.

When I first came to Montreal at 12, I had to learn French from scratch so it took me around 1 year and a half of intensive welcoming class where we were forced to learn French all day long.

Reading thousands of cartoon and novels in the lifespan put me way ahead of my peers but it took me about another year or two to be able to speak it fluently. Of course, having a non-Latin language as a mother tongue didn't help me one bit. Speaking it without making obvious grammatical errors in every sentence is really harder than it looks.

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