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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
So when Gary Bettman said we are paying our players too much, we want to pay them 50% of HRR, he knowingly proposed a system that would fail?

In fact that first offer, the one that everyone laughed off as just an opening gambit from the owners, not one meant to be taken seriously, is in fact meant to be taken seriously. And if bettman locks the players out in 6 years to get 43%, or as some are calling it - the median revenue amount, fans are saying today that they will completely understand poor Bettmans need to do that and support him a 4th time in locking out the players? Even though he is knowingly asking for a deal now that will fail.
The median isn't about the split of revenue, but the growth. The biggest issue the NHL has isn't that they're giving 57% to the players (although that certainly doesn't help things), but that Toronto's revenue has grown something like 40+% in 7 years, while other teams have only grown 20%. And that team A's 20% is only 15m, while team B's 40% is 80m. Using the median slows this aspect down. The NHL could give 55% of the median to the PA, and with some RS would still be healthier in 10 years than it has been in the last 5 years of this deal.

But instead Toronto's growth which is at an unequal rate to team B (both in % and $) is royally screwing with almost every other team in the league. And as has been shown multiple times, it doesn't matter who team B is, using average revenue always has a loser... even in a 3 team league of Toronto, New York Rangers and Montreal. Eventually whomever is on the bottom will have issues turning a profit.

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