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11-11-2012, 07:06 PM
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=guymez;55699757]Some notes on the game....

Really too bad to see Nichols go down the way he did...haven't heard anything yet but hopefully it isn't serious. It looked really bad though.

Haven't read through the thread at all but I am sure there are a few constants....Replacement finding every excuse for Joseph and refusing to acknowledge the fact that Ray owned the Esks in this game.
Maybe read the thread first. Its no secret I would've pulled Joseph at the first quarter after giving Nichols a brief look at proceedings from the bench where he could properly assess what the Argos were doing.
Looks like that approach could've been pretty successful.

Ray "Owned" the Esks" We didn't require him to do anything but the most standard passes, short gainers and awful tacking and self destructed on our own. His two passing TD's generated were from the esks 25, and 35 yd line respectively. As if it were OT segments.. Even at that he required an interception to be overturned to get one of the TD's
The key in this game was to rush, pressure, sack, and hit Ray. We did none of the above playing right into his hands.

Must be nice for Ray to shove it down the Esks throats after one of the worst trades in Esks history.
Would be nicer if Ray played anything like this in his last half dozen years here.

Its inexplicable why Joseph played an entire half. He must have someone like Replacement whispering in his ear about how great Joseph is because I honestly do not get why Reed cant or wont acknowledge the obvious.
Way to be classy guy. We all suffered through this game. Good to look in the thread though and see yet more posters taking shots at Esks fans.

Enjoy cheering for the Argos

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