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D Tom Reid

701 GP, 42 Playoff GP
T10th in '72 AST Voting

Killed 50% of team's penalties, 1.21 rating

Team TOI Estimates (min 40 GP with team)
ES: 6 ('68), 3 ('70), 2 ('71), 2 ('72), 2 ('73), 2 ('74), 2 ('75), 4 ('76), 4 ('77)
PK: 2 ('68), 4 ('70), 2 ('71), 3 ('72), 4 ('73), 2 ('74), 2 ('75), 2 ('76), 1 ('77)

Originally Posted by
He graduated from the amateur ranks just in time to take advantage of the NHL's expansion in 1967. After a brief time in the minors, he joined the Chicago Blackhawk blueline corps and quickly established himself as a stay-at-home defender who viewed the offensive zone as a distant moon.Reid lasted with Chicago until 1969, at which time the Minnesota North Stars acquired him. For the ten seasons that followed with the Stars, he served as a sort of third goal post, firmly anchored to his own zone. With the Minnesota North Stars his forte was keeping the puck out of the net, not putting it in. He did it all defensively, taking out foes, blocking innumerable shots, checking the puck away from opposing forwards, the whole gamut of defensive skills. "Tommy is important to our defense," coach Ted Harris was quoted as saying.

Reid stood as a North Star mainstay until 1977-1978 season. It was at that time that a small red rash appeared on his arm. Massive itching sensations soon followed as his skin began to deteriorate. His affliction soon took on the name "Gunk." As the league's doctors, trainers, and equipment producers began to investigate, they discovered that about 100 players across the NHL were suffering from various degrees of the affliction. But no case was as severe as Reid's. His skin got so bad that he could only sleep while sitting upright in a wooden chair. Before the season was over, his suffering grew so severe that he was forced to retire. In the end, the doctors concluded that he was allergic to his equipment and to the die found in his uniform.

Originally Posted by The Leader-Post - Dec 11, 1971
"Reid is that rare bird, a young fellow who emphasizes defence and works at it," says North Stars' coach Jack Gordon. "Nowadays a defenceman doesn't get much chance to hit, but Reid has fine anticipation and gets in his share of shots."

Reid agrees he enjoys scoring goals just like any other player. "But to me the ultimate in satisfaction is preventing a breakaway, overhauling a rival and taking the puck off him before he can draw a bead on our goalkeeper.",2388515

Originally Posted by The Morning Record - Dec 3, 1970
Both benches cleared as fights erupted across the ice with three minutes to play. Tom Reid of the North Stars and Tony Featherstone of the Seals started the brawl.,4488446

Originally Posted by The Leader-Post - May 1, 1971
Frank Mahovlich had the first chance at an open net, but his shot from the blueline was deflected wide by defenceman Tom Reid of the North Stars.,108693

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