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Originally Posted by echlfreak View Post
Economic Issues

-Step down 50/50 split to honor existing contracts
-$250M in Revenue Sharing Pool to help struggling franchises...Bettmans discretion
-Teams allowed to trade up to $5M in cap space via draft picks or players

Owners compromise here! Owners partner to make league stronger and honor their word with contracts!

Contracting Issues

-2 yr ELS
-Arb Rights for Players 2 years after ELS instead of NHL proposed 3 years...currently 1 year
-UFA at age 27 or 7 seasons pro instead of 28 age/8 seasons
-5 year contracts max with except of 1 franchise contract which can exceed 5 years but no more than 10 years
-15% variance in contract dollars to allow teams flexibility in payroll

Players compromise here! Players give up concessions in contractual rights to help lower escalating contract costs!

Win Win????
I completely disagree with trading cap, I just don't think its fair considering teams like FLA who usually spend to the cap floor will just keep benefitting from it or teams who accidentally spend over the cap like CHI did a couple years ago will just avoid the punishment by trading for cap...teams should just follow the cap system otherwise might as well get rid of it so my team can build a cup winner within a year.

And what would happen if I sign a player like Subban to 6 years then the next day a guy like Kovalchuk demands a trade to MTL (wishful thinking)...we wouldn't be able to take on his contract? It could also go the other way around, teams could just dump a 5+ year contracts to take on new ones for better/younger players.

Sorry for the rant lol, I don't think your proposals are bad I just wanted to share my opinion...I agree with the #1 proposal on your list.

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