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11-11-2012, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Joseph shouldn't have started...that is a critical point that you have skipped over.
Starting Joseph wasn't the problem. he led an excellent 100 yd drive down field for the first TD on the opening drive. But as soon as he stalled, and the Esks momentum stalled, it was time to pull Joseph. If merely for it was time to give the team a lift at the right moment, say after the Boyd fumble, or after the Joseph shovel pass. That could have given a momentum boost and was one of the stated advantages in having Nichols come off as a reliever. if things aren't going right its a boost to the squad. Reed screwed it, as he often does.


That was a very effective game plan by the Argos. Ray was releasing the ball quickly and when he did need protection he got it.

The Esks had no answers.
Ray executed it excellently, and quickly, and targets were available. The Argos played a simple, but effective offense, and executed it flawlessly at times. But we gave them no wrinkles to worry about. None. Kudos to players like Burnett that at least tried to instill some worry.

Quote: you're just trying to hurt my feelings.

It was a harmless jab...lighten up.

This game was completely predictable...there were really no surprises. So other then the terrible Nichols injury there really shouldn't have been any suffering. Unless of course you hate Ray.
We're all pissed off right now. The game has me out of sorts, bad mood, grumble grumble, just not the best time to ruffle feathers. I love the Eskimos, cheer resolutely for the club, so of course I'm upset at what unfolded today. More due to the coaching staff of this club not even giving us a chance to win.

Benefit of doubt is gone, totally. The one think I thought the club might be holding back on some wrinkles, different schemes, and that we'd get a better all round performance for instance out of the defensive and offensive lines.

The club sucked today, all round. Soon as things went bad, and soon as the interception was overturned, and Argos got the first TD due to that, the Esks were losing some composure. It was a delicate composure. They needed some things to go well early and ride that. We almost had that going.

That said a team with this little amount of commitment in adversity doesn't deserve more than it got.

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