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11-11-2012, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
My personal opinion is that the top 10 players from this year make the "A" league next year, and then a 8-10 team "B" league is made from the lower-ranked players and new guys we pick up next season. By then we're bound to get a few new regulars on the board.

That way, rankings on this season somewhat matter going forward. Top 10 players go in draft order from how they finished this season, and if any decide not to play, the six-lower ranked guys can step in on any lost spots. Champion of this year drafts #10 next season, #10 guy now drafts 1st overall next year.

The "B" league is random draft order.

Just my $.02, I don't want to be some fantasy football league tyrant leader. If that does not sound good to the crowd at large, then that can all be discarded and orders can be random again.
I like a 16 team league. And i think Avder's suggestion for new positions is ideal for that number. I also like the idea of adding an IR spot because injuries can be pretty decimating to rosters on 16 team leagues...

If we split into 2 leagues we should recruit 6 new players and go 12 teams in each league.

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