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11-11-2012, 08:42 PM
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I have the sony google tv in the form of the NSZ GT1. It does pretty well at just about everything but there are some wrinkles as with any device.

It's biggest advantage though is that it can use any web flash video site. So things like HBO go which don't have official apps can still be used.

My biggest complaint is the unorthodox remote. I'm sure other google tv situations are different, but this particular device is limited only to its included remote. The mouse functionality on the remote is not very good and its not shaped well to use in one hand.

But as a browsing device its pretty fantastic as far as set top boxes go.

EDIT: I should add though, I still use this device along with regular cable tv. Personally if I were going to cut the proverbial cord I would not go with a restricted set top box. Instead I would build a multi media PC.

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