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11-11-2012, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
We're not in a recession here. We're in a boom here, with that established how bad will the city finances be when and if we actually are in a recession here?

Theres no excuse whatsoever to accrue significant civic debt in the middle of boomtimes. This is the gravy, not the leantimes. Normal thinking govts(Ok I'm stretching oxymoron here I realize) realize that boomtimes are the time to be saving some cash on the side for leantimes. Not spending it DURING a boom like drunken sailors.

Meanwhile my Property tax is announced to shoot up yet another 100bucks. This without even the arena being funded. This is top of several hundred bucks increases in Property taxes in recent years off a normal bungalow. This on top of astronomical increases in price of real estate, utilities etc.

Good thing we're in a boom. If it stops the city and a lot of dwelllars are in real trouble.
So if my taxes go up (and they do) anyways every year. Why not have them go up for something that I could actually get behind. I live in a area of the city that recently replaced sidewalks and repaved streets, to which on top of my already enormous property taxes I have to pay $5000 in revitalization tax over 20 years. So if I'm getting screwed anyways, then build the frickin arena.

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