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11-11-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post
You may think I'd throwing out terrible proposals, but I'm not. You're acting/pretending that Luongo has incredible value, but he does not. His contract lowers his value. He may be an all star, but he hasn't played like one recently. Heck, he hasn't been able to nail down his own position on his own team. In case you forgot, another goalie has supplanted him in Vancouver. You must have forgotten that part.

So in summary...


1) Lost his job to another goalie with his inconsistent play, especially when it counts (playoffs)
2) Contract still has 10 yrs left (until he's 43)
3) Has a NTC that limits where he can be dealt

Take a moment to let that set in. Once it does, than you'll realise that Gillis's hands are pretty much tied. He won't be able to dictate the quality of a return he could recieve. He'll be lucky if Burke offers him half of what I have been proposing.
When was the last time an all star goalie was supplanted by an almost rookie tender? Tim Thomas! What happened to him you ask? Oh nothing he just **** the bed next season and on-wards only winning back the starting position, the Vezina, and later on breaking a record and back-stopping his team to the Stanley Cup.... What a bum!

****** that Boston was stuck with him because of his high cap hit, being over 35 years old an having a NTC or NMC... imagine what they could have done with the likes of a Mike Komisarek instead!

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