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11-11-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Tedi View Post
So if my taxes go up (and they do) anyways every year. Why not have them go up for something that I could actually get behind. I live in a area of the city that recently replaced sidewalks and repaved streets, to which on top of my already enormous property taxes I have to pay $5000 in revitalization tax over 20 years. So if I'm getting screwed anyways, then build the frickin arena.
Well, you make think that its normal that all associated housing expenses go up astronomically in what are supposed non inflationary times with low interest rates. But its not. The middle class consumer being screwed every way you look. Invest money, return is zero, but somehow with essential expenses exponentially rising and far outpacing average increases in income. At least in typical inflationary times investment accrual portfolios match increased outlay.

People have no idea whats coming down the pike. When the real estate bubble here bursts it'll be severe. People walking away from mortgages where they can't manage exorbitant property cost expenses and where principal owing is much greater than any equity.

This happened throughout the states. With much more realistic realestate pricepoints. People should seriously spend 300K on an average bungalow here on the prairies when it costs 12K more per year just for heating, utilities, property tax, insurance? This not even considering the mortgage?

Alberta is dreaming.

This is plain nuts. I can buy a house most anywhere in the States and live there off the grid if I wanted to. Not in some climate that requires extensive use of heating and electricity.

I feel sorry for any young people entering the real estate market and with hardly and possibility of ever establishing clear mortgage title.

Time to pack the bags soon.

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