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11-11-2012, 09:00 PM
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The thing about learning another language is you need to bombard your brain with as much of it as possible; and you need to apply yourself with many resources and work hard.

Buy a french reader. There are books out there that start off really simple and progressively get hard, bringing in new words and having a set of questions you do after each exercise.

I really like the Spanish version of this. It is a cheap investment.

Download movies in french. Subtitles to start is fine, but pay attention to the words they are speaking. Then move on to very easy films (like cartoons and kids stuff) that are fully French.

Once you start getting comfortable reading french, then start reading news articles in French; living in the EU, this shouldn't be difficult to find interesting things to read in French. Then start reading simple books and so on.

Rosetta Stone; you can crack it for free.

Get an ipod and get some vocab/speaking tapes; I recommend Michel Thomas. But there are countless out there.

Start looking for French restaurants/shops you can go to and speak French. Even if it is just ordering your food or talking at the till, it helps.

The more you work at it, the more resources you bring in, the most consistently you do it, the better and faster you will learn.

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