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11-11-2012, 09:02 PM
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That's implying that if the Cdn$ would fall back to 80 cents vs the US$, then there would be no need for this lockout. That the only reason Bettman had to lock them out for a 3rd time is because he couldnt forsee the currency fluctuations?

Its even more ironic because the cap was initially sold in Canada as something that would save the small canadian markets, and now you are suggesting that the cap failed because cdn$ grew unexpectedly.

Its not relevant whether everyone could see the dollar rebounding by then; that had a minor effect, im sure there are others here that can layout the precise numbers for you. But regardless of the currency disparity issues (which you would think any league operating in 2 currencies would have a system for dealing with), there remains revenue disparities that existed and arose quite apart from that and were easy to see even without exchange rate differences.

There were even posters here who argued that at the time. Of course its not fair to label Bettman as incompetent simply because he wasnt as smart as some hf posters, after all, who could be smarter than hf posters?

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