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11-11-2012, 10:21 PM
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oilers fans see eberle and put the blinders on. simple fact is this makes the oilers a much better team short term. why? they have a rediculous amount of offensive talent, and yes while losing the player with the most value in the deal, they gain a top pairing d-man and a solid top goaltender. hate to lose eberle and keeping in mind the next 15 years this isnt a good deal for the oilers, but in the short term it does make them a better team. i dont think they are good enough to make this deal though because it still dosent make them a contender, and really there would be no other reason to make a deal like this.

the canucks dont lose alot, luongo is basically deadweight to the canucks because they have imo a better goalie in sneider. while gaining iginla. this makes the canucks a better team in the short term as well

calgary, well they get eberle and its hard to complain about that. while losing iginla and bouwmeester makes calgary a worse team in the short term, its a solid deal to make keeping the future in mind.

honestly i dont think this is that bad of a proposal. of course im keeping in mind the 99% of three way deals that get proposed on this board are puketastic. this is one of the better ones when it comes to impact on the three teams, but of course that depends on how you look at it and what you feel is the best direction for each of these teams to go. i think vancouver wins this deal because how much they wanna believe different, iginla for luongo is crazy value compared to what they will end up getting for him. even if they have to give up kassian too.

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