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Originally Posted by Leafs03 View Post
LOL so Brampton doesn't do well in selling out games for battalions and we torontonians get the blame and get accused of not being a hockey town:p??? Thats a joke.. Sorry that we'd rather save our money to go see a professional hockey team play rather than some teens.. Toronto is the mecca of hockey in the world! Cause of Toronto, there is 30 teams in the league. We pay the NHL to keep teams like jackets,phnx and more in the league, i think that says a lot!. GTHL is the biggest hockey organization in the dam world lol.... But whatever... Its pointless sitting here and arguing with people who just hate to admit the truth so they find some stupid reasons to try and prove us wrong...

Btw, most of my friends are habs,sens,nucks,Redwings fans! and they all live in Toronto, so saying Toronto is a Leaf town rather than NHL is just plain stupid.

Lol you're GM blew two 1st round picks on "some teens" that are playing down the street from you. HOCKEY fans would probably care about that and want to go check it out. A fan of a team, not so much.

The Habs have 2 draft picks in the OHL. One just happens to be the 3rd overall pick from last year's draft AND, coincidentally, he played in Brampton 2 weekends ago. But hey, why bother with the inconvenience of taking a 45 min drive and dropping a whopping $15 to watch him play.

And what are you saving your money for these past few months exactly??

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