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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
So you didnt read or comprehend the 4 paragraphs because they disproved your contention and you dont want to admit it?

Everyone foresaw it. BUt more than that, its moot because it was not the primary cause of revenue disparity or the reason Bettman is on his 3rd lockout.

Leafs, habs, and canucks increasing revenues hurts Tampa if they cut back Tampas revenue sharing and then complain the players need to take a paycut because the system is broken, yes, agreed.
If, in 2005, "Everyone foresaw" that the Canadian dollar would rise from 80 US cents to 1 US dollar, I find it incredibly strange that you are unable to cite anybody saying anything like that at the time.

If you want to "disprove" anything, you don't need a meandering, meaningless bunch of text walls.

All you need to do is give me a citation of ANYBODY making such a prediction at the time, which you can't.

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