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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
Give joe fans of rich teams cheaper tickets? Yeah i guess it is simple when you put it that way. If only the owners could get the players to take a paycut, then they could let the fans of rich teams pay less for tickets. But alas, they are forced to send all these revenue sharing cheques to poor markets so they have no choice but to charge those prices.
Ticket prices are based on supply and demand.

I have no problems paying $150 for mediocre tickets to watch the maple leafs, AS LONG AS THE MONEY ALL GOES TO THE MAPLE LEAFS!!!!
But me paying $150 for mediocre tickets and then some of it goes to help my DIRECT COMPETITION???? Unacceptable. Utterly unacceptable. I'm essentially paying more money for my tickets so that fans in Phoenix and Floriday can spend $30 for theirs.
It's not fair!!!

What is a much fairer solution FOR THE FANS?
The millionaire players can take a much smaller piece of the pie.
They'll still be ridiculously, out of this world rich.
For those poorer players that can't make ends meet with their half a million salary?
Another simple solution.
A 'salary sharing' plan. Let's see how the players like it.

It's already a travesty as it is. But to increase revenue sharing? Outlandish.

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