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Originally Posted by echlfreak View Post
ACTUALLY he does not have a choice. If Van were to work out a deal for "argument sake" that was:

Van trades Higgins


Clb for Brassard and Dubinsky

they could then place Luongo on waivers for Clb to pick up. Luongo has no choice as to whether Van places him on waivers or buys him out. His only leverage is if Van tries to TRADE him hence the NTC. Any player can be placed on waivers without any say!!!

Therefore when all is said and done the deal once the waiver claim goes through could be:

Clb: Luongo/Higgins

Yet again before people go blasting the trade. Is is merely for argument sake not what I would propose. But it is a way that Vancouver could work around the Luongo NTC is pressure him into accepting a deal to another team. Nobody wants to go to Clb right now, but Vancouver holds all the cards if they want to leverage this option!!!
not true a player with a NMC cannot be waived or komi would have been waived. so the statment that any player can be waived is wrong

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